16 November 2012

Images from an Australian rainforest

Four photos from Rainforest Country by Kaisa and Stanley Breeden, depicting the colorful flora and fauna of a northern Queensland rainforest, via Australia Geographic, which has another dozen images.

Top to bottom:  A Boyd's rainforest dragon (Hypsilurus boydii), an adult, male Cairns birdwing (Ornithoptera euphorion), colourful stones where the rainforest meets the beach, and a rainforest dwelling pygmy possum.  The image that impresses me the most is the one of the beach gravel; it's hard to believe that those have not been enhanced in some artificial way.


  1. Another wow entry. There is so much about other earthlings and earth we don't know nearly enough about. While I adore Curiosity and MSL, I so wish we'd devote more of those astounding dollars to exploring our oceans and rain forests with the same singularity. --A.

  2. Gah! The pygmy possum is killing me with the cute! Life is so amazing, isn't it?


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