16 November 2012


Bicycle Taxidermy will take your old handlebars and mount them for you on a plaque with an engraved epitaph. 

Via Inhabitat and Neatorama.

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  1. I love this...
    My commute runs the gauntlet of the cycle commuters. The runners of the red-lights, and the ignorers of all the rules of the road.

    Now that's not universal. Most of the cyclists I meet are not like that. But those who choose the dark-side, they know no limits to their arrogant stupidity. Which is why I laughed so much my sides hurt, when I saw Mr Fluorescent Lycra, on his gleaming carbon-fibre/titanium space-age road-rocket, doing his usual accelleration down the hill, between the stopped traffic lanes,narrowly missing a pedestrian on the crossing, out through the redlight, pumping hard, looking neither right or left, BLAM! the bread-van... He catapulted over it, skidding along the tarmac, and...rolled, stood up, just in time to see the four-axled concrete-mixer truck pulverise his beloved ride. I'll bet it was a long and lonely walk home in that torn, gravel-rashed lycra.
    Well, at least he got away with his life, his precious ego and self-importance could have been splattered just as easily by those wheels. I hope the concrete-mixer driver got his trophy taxidermied.


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