26 November 2012

"Circle the cat" game

Click the circles to make them dark, and try to entrap the cat.  Simple to understand, but somewhat difficult to execute.  It took me quite a while before I could win 4 in a row.

The game does not seem to escalate to more difficult levels with each victory.  In its concept it reminds me of the old 3M boxed game "Twixt."

The image above is a screencap.  The game is here, via Neatorama.


  1. i caught this on neatorama the other day - some setups are just too easy, while others have no obvious solution - i wish there were a way to restart with the same configuration...

  2. Ah, herding cats! my favorite pass-time.

    Hah, you cats! move along ya damn cats. Gotta get these cats to Dodge by sundown.
    Get that tabby outta the tree: you lose another cat Cap'n Billy's gonna have your ass.

  3. Are you and I the only ones that remember Twixt. I still have mine, down the basement somewhere.

    1. I still have mine, too. Also down in a basement closet.

      It's still a good game.

  4. But there is NO reward when you win :(

  5. I hate cats even more now.


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