19 February 2011

One of those "message in a bottle" stories

Mandy English was just 13 when she hurled the note requesting a penpal into the sea during a 1979 school trip to Scotland. Two years later Richard, then just six, spotted the glass bottle on the beach and sent a reply by postcard. Mandy never wrote back because of the age difference.

But while sorting through keepsakes last week, she found the 1981 card and realised its schoolboy sender had the same name as Richard, her boyfriend since last June
Further details and pix at the link, via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. While this is a story of an amazing coincidence it is sad to see that the woman did not even take the time to reply once to the six-year old because of "the age difference".

  2. You don't think it would be odd for a 13 year old girl to correspond with a 6 year old boy? That's a huge gap in development, cognition, experience, interests, priorities and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now. 7 years isn't a huge difference later in life, but at 6 and 13, those two might as well be on different planets.


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