16 February 2011


Filmed by "Mark" in the Maldives, a school of fish keep warily away from several fish that are quite obviously jacks, then get attacked from their flank...

Found at Vimeo.


  1. Yo-

    The attackers are NOT sharks but jacks (fam. Carangidae) and are obvious for several reasons.

    The heron DID NOT fail: he got his fish.

    I realize this is an aggregator site but you are way too cool to be just repeating whatever jibberish you find floating around on the web...

  2. Fixed. Thank you, Daniel.

    And BTW, the reason I seem to be cool and well-informed is that I have several thousand proof-readers like you.

    I appreciate the correction.


  3. I don't see it as a fail for the heron - he expended very little energy retrieving the fish.

  4. Dolphins do it better though. Those jacks swam together, mostly allowing the smaller fish to avoid them, whereas dolphins would actually team up and cooperate in the round-up, driving the smaller fish towards a single dolphin, who could then eat his/her fill of fish. That dolphin would then in turn help the other dolphins eat.

  5. Dolphins are mammals and amongst the most intelligent animals on Earth; having no hands, they even use they genitals as tools.

    That they are able to learn advanced tactics, as opposed to simply having them ingrained by evolution, makes sense.


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