16 February 2011

Collecting mussels under winter sea ice

A brief segment from the BBC's The Human Planet.

Addendum:  A hat tip to kautz potatoes for pointing out that this activity was the subject matter of a children's book - Very Last First Time, by Jan Andrews (1985).   Cover below.


  1. Oh hell no! I should never complain about my job.

  2. What about the cameraperson?? S/he was down in there filming the mussel-gatherers coming down, and it looks like s/he was still there while they were getting out.

    What they filmed must have been a much-shortened foray under the ice for the gatherers, to allow for the footage showing them coming down and going up.


    --Swift Loris

  3. There's a beautiful children's book about this very subject called "The Very last first time". Caldecott winner I believe.

  4. Requested from our library (9 copies, no holds - should get it soon). Thanks for the suggestion.


  5. To second anon, I was wondering about that as well, though I have a feeling there might've been a remote control camera, similar to the submersival sub-robot cameras they used on the Titanic, being used there.

  6. Thank you, kautz potatoes. I picked up the book today, read it, and added an addendum to the post.


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