28 February 2011

Congratulations to dooce

Yesterday was the tenth birthday of dooce.com. Heather Armstrong is one of the groundbreakers in the field, and her blog has been the recipient of numerous awards (including a Lifetime Achievement award from the Bloggies).  It says something about her blog when she can write a post and get 6000 comments.

Update:  The New York Times has an article about Heather, whom they refer to as the "queen of the mommybloggers."


  1. I'm glad to give you mine, 5999 more to go :)

  2. Me too. There is what you do and then there is what she does. You educate, stimulate, and challenge. She, bah. I just don't get my narcissistic mommy blogging is so remunerative. I'll shut up now.

  3. Different strokes for different folks. What I admire is not her content or style, but her fortitude. 10 years of blogging. I'm just in my fourth, and there are already more and more days when it doesn't seem worth the effort.

  4. I've been following her for 7 of those years. She's a clever writer but yours is a very fine blog with higher quality content. I always look forward to seeing your new posts- they give me a renewed sense of wonder on the world on days when the everyday and ordinary seem rather flat.


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