16 February 2011

Cosmetics for tweens

Excerpts from an article at Ecosalon:
...a company named Pacific World Brand has partnered with Walmart to bring us a new cosmetics line for tweens called Geo Girl, launching in March. This isn’t bubblegum flavored lip balm. This is mascara, blush, lipstick, the works. The product line’s 69 offerings even include anti-aging products like antioxidant-loaded exfoliants for extra smooth and healthy skin.

The big sell is that Geo Girl is an eco-friendly and therefore healthy brand for children who just happen to wear makeup. Unlike other real makeup that may irritate babyfat with regular use, Geo Girl is real makeup that won’t irritate anything except people with a moral compass...
Refinery29 notes the products will be named after texting abbreviations:

1. SPF 15 Lip Balm—J4G
2. Cleanser—T2G
3. Mineral Blush—QTPi
4. Liquid2Powder Shadow—iCU
5. Body Mist—TiSC
6. Feather Lash Mascara—FYEO
7. Lipshine—GR8
8. FaceShimmer—URA*

The lip balm is "just for grins," the faceShimmer is "you are a star."  Others decoded at the link.


  1. which one will they be calling WTF? Or is that the whole line?

  2. Obscene. Are we going to turn all little girls into Jon Benet Ramseys?

  3. No doubt she'll also soon be starting her monthly genital waxings, which topic was your blog also addressed.

    This sort of thing convinces me that corporate capitalism is a disease. Corporations MUST steadily expand their markets regardless of questions of health, reason, philosophy, ethics or morality. Whether a product is good for people is irrelevant.

    If a spreadsheet were to promise that selling breast implants to 10-year-olds would turn a big profit, eventually someone would offer that "product." They could no more choose not to than a cancer can choose not to chomp the next cell.

  4. On the other hand though, if a tween IS going to be wearing cosmetics, then it is best that she wear cosmetics that do no harm to her skin, and not the adult stuff.

    But otherwise I agree with Barbwire.


  5. I think it's fine. My parents didn't make a big deal out of it when I wanted to wear makeup around age 11. (And they made a big deal out of EVERYTHING.) I had fun matching my eye shadow to my shirts and generally made myself look like a horror and eventually I got it out of my system. Because no one told me that it was an off-limits "grown up thing" I got bored with it and haven't worn the stuff since about 15.

    It's make up. Dress up. Not cigarettes. Not sex. Let the girls have fun.

  6. I wore play makeup at friends' houses as young as 6 and was allowed to wear light pink lipstick at 12. When I think of the horrible, cheap, greasy, disgusting makeup my friends and I experimented with...having something like this would have been so much better.

    The colors look pretty conservative, aside from that dark red.

  7. This isn't so shocking. It's really just filling the gap between playing dress-up and actually wearing makeup.

    As for the names, I'm reasonable sure they made some of those abbreviations up. Or I'm just old.

  8. "Unlike other real makeup that may irritate babyfat with regular use, Geo Girl is real makeup that won’t irritate anything except people with a moral compass..."

    omg I almost died laughing when I read that.

  9. This is obscene. I have to agree with Barbwire.

    Reading this, I remember reading an article in the papers a long while back that seemed like a forerunner to this article here. It was about almost the same exact idea (creating make-up products for young girls), only it was being aimed at a even younger demographic.


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