28 February 2011

How to cheat at soccer

Analysis from Deadspin:
Technically, Chilean U20 defender Bryan Carrasco didn't dive, as he was definitely struck by the Ecuadorian player. Problem is, Carrasco literally smacked himself in the face with the other player's arm. He received a free kick.
See also this incident from 2009 -

- for which the player was suspended indefinitely.


  1. I still find it bizarre that this is the world's most popular sport. A load of young lads rolling around on the ground, going for a Golden Globe for most melodramatic faux injury. Why do kids look up to these fools? And I say this as a European who grew up with the damn tripe. Give me rugby any day.

  2. Great stuff - wild chick, this Lambert!

  3. that actually makes the pit of my stomach drop. How disgusting. She needs psychiatric counselling.

  4. To complete have a look on this colombian player behavior:


    I read on Brazilian news that the animal is dead.



  5. Hey!!! it's not soccer it's football. Why do Americans insist on calling american rugby football???

    Here's John Cleese of Monty Python setting the record straight:


  6. There is some followup re the owl-kicking incident at Cynical-C:


  7. @Anon: "Hey!!! it's not soccer it's football. Why do Americans insist on calling american rugby football???"

    It's not just Americans who call it soccer.

    Given that the you guys raped and pillaged their way across the world, spreading their language like a disease and destroying cultures and countries from Ireland to India, I don't think you Brits really have a say in what we call your sports. Fact is, you are no longer the rulers of an empire on which the sun never sets. John Cleese had his hey-day but is no longer funny and now sounds like a pompous windbag. Are you two related?

    Britain is a pitiful place ruled by a monarch, with an official state religion, no constitution, and a history which is smeared with the blood of millions of innocents.

    Sorry old brick, but soccer it is.

  8. @ March 2, 2011 5:46 PM
    i'm the March 2, 2011 2:56 PM Anon

    1st off i think you stole a part of your rant from John Oliver (John Oliver: Terrifying Times - TV 2008).

    2nd i'm not British, i don't live in the UK, i have never even been in the UK. And i agree the British Empire's age was a dark age for humanity. But so was the genocide of Native Americans.

    3rd the only other ppl who call football "soccer" are the Brits or ppl from countries that were part of the British Empire.

    So triple Fail!

    As far as football being called soccer i think John Cleese made it clear in the youtube link i gave in my previous comment.

  9. I'll be deleting any further comments on this post. I'm not siding with either viewpoint - just tired of reading the notes.


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