18 February 2011

Mr. Wizard

 I'm not familiar with this particular chemistry item, but I do have strong and pleasant memories of the Watch Mr. Wizard television series in the 1950s, which helped establish and maintain my personal interest in the hard sciences.

At some future time I'll post a biography of Don Herbert and a video of one of his television programs, but I just found this today and decided to post it for Steve up in Minnesota.


  1. I had a Mr. Wizard ecology set (1973), that Consumer Reports reported as "Not Acceptable". Found a picture of it on flickr:


    There were 2 experiments: first to glow bread mold on tomato soup, and the second to glow E. Coli bacteria on agar. In order to find E. Coli, the instructions instructed to find "some dog do". As a kid of about 7 years old, it took me a while to parse that statement, since I thought "do" was the verb. Later on, Mr. Wizard mentioned "feces" and then I finally figured out that he was trying to be colloquial!


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