28 February 2011

Candle carving

After I posted the video about art created by pouring paint, Mel V. and Paulo countered with links to this video of candle carving.  I found additional (similar) ones here and here.


  1. Hi Stan,

    I´ve found a version of this Youtube video in HD:


    There is no musical track in this one, and the narrator is a brit.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm still thinking about what could be done with different candle shapes, there's got to be lots of possibilities there.

  3. Thanks, Paulo. I've substituted your link, which has better resolution.

    Mel, when I was (much) younger, I used to melt candles and drip the wax onto cool water, which generated some (very) unusual shapes (especially if you dropped the molten wax from a height so it plunged deeper before fixing). With the addition of a wick you had a floating candle or a very odd centerpiece candle.


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