28 February 2011

Google Recipe

The process is explained at The Centered Librarian:
The new search option will be a choice in the left rail that appears after entering a Google search. You can search for recipes by entering the name of a dish or food type, an ingredient, or just an occasion, such as Cinco de Mayo. The results can be further filtered by preparation time, ingredients, or calories. Result recipes also sport star ratings and user reviews, so you can see which ones have been hits.
The photo shows the results when I entered "Minnesota wild rice."  More about Google Recipe at the Official Google Blog.


  1. I encountered the recipe search last night - at first I was pleasantly surprised, however, things didn't go so well once I started searching for saag paneer recipes which did not include spinach... still a few bugs to be worked out there.

  2. I have used the internet to track down recipes I remembered from years ago and also to find new ones.

    There's also a part of me that wants to see if there is any truly awful combination that google recipe might uncover, something worthy of "World's Worst Cookbook" (sadly out of print).

  3. Ninabi, you might enjoy James Lileks' The Gallery of Regrettable Food -



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