25 February 2011

The dynamic art of Holton Rower

The process is shown in the video above; the end result, when viewed from above, looks like this:
Other examples here.  I think it looks like fun. 

Via everlasting blort.


  1. It reminds me a bit of candle carving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGgy3KbRRTE

    And they both remind me of candy!

  2. Very interesting, Mel. Probably worth a separate blog post.


  3. It's funny as it starts to get towards the floor... "don't step in the art!"

    And the girl that pours the final drip is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Back in the day, after the the black Pakistani hash hit our neighborhood, my brother and I melted a large box of crayons one by one into the flame of a large candle, creating an effect like this. Good memory.

    Little kids probably wouldn't need the hash.

  5. Thought it looked like something you'd enjoy. I just discovered it myself, and am totally in awe. If only it weren't so expensive a hobby to take up... and if I didn't have a dozen other hobbies I'm neglecting already...

  6. That video was really hard for me to watch, because I couldn't help imagining trying to do that myself, then stepping in the paint or tripping over something.

    Candle carving is pretty awesome. I've seen it on How It's Made on tv.

    N. Normal - bt;dt. :)

  7. if you like this, look up "Fordite". It is made from built up layers of paint over many years in the automotive factories, then made into jewelry. Some beautiful stuff....

  8. And a good place to look up "Fordite" is in TYWKIWDBI. I blogged it about two years ago --



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