22 February 2011

$40 billion "missing" in Iraq

This appears to be different from the billions of USD that "went missing" earlier during the war.  According to Al Arabiya...
Around $40 billion are "missing" from a post-Gulf War fund that Iraq maintains to protect the money from foreign claims, its parliamentary speaker said on Monday as authorities scrambled to head off further protests on cutting politicians' pay and ramping up support for the needy

"There is missing money, we do not know where it has gone," Osama al-Nujaifi said at a news conference in Baghdad. "The money is around $40 billion in total."

"It may have been spent somewhere, but it does not appear in our accounts, so parliament will investigate where this money has gone."


  1. Iraq is the gift that keeps on giving. Glad we found all those WMDs though.

  2. I never realized just how easy it is to misplace 40 Billion. It happened to me just last week. Luckily I just left it my jacket pocket. They should check their jacket pockets.


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