20 February 2011

Enterprising photographer and assistant

A photograph showing Cherry Kearton standing on his brother Richard’s shoulders to take a picture of a bird’s nest, 1900.

The brothers were pioneers of wildlife photography and in 1892 took the first ever photograph of a bird’s nest with eggs. In 1899 they published 'With Nature and a Camera' illustrated with 160 photographs. Richard went on to develop the photographic hide, after a series of experiments one of which involved hiding in a stuffed ox in order to obtain better pictures.
From the Royal Photographic Society set at the National Media Museum (U.K.).  Posted for professional photographer Susan McKinney in Fort Worth, as a reminder of why you take Charlie on your expeditions.

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  1. Wow. And to think that I am too lazy to carry a very light weight tripod or camera case. Gotta rethink. =) Good pictures are worth a little effort. NICE!


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