26 February 2011

Advertisement for the new Wii game "We Dare"

This video includes commentary by the editors at IGN Rewind Theater. If you want to view the advertisement alone, go to this YouTube link.

This was brought to my attention by an article at The Telegraph, which noted -
We Dare, which is advertised with images of handcuffs, spanking and partner-swapping, has been awarded a 12+ certificate even though its makers say it is intended for an "adult audience"...

The body responsible for classifying computer games in Britain yesterday defended the 12+ certificate. Laurie Hall, director general of the Video Standards Council, said: "The average 16-year-old would think everything in We Dare was beneath them – although the game contains innuendo and suggestion, if it showed anything sexual it would be have received a 16 rating".
Update March 10:  The Telegraph reports that the game will not be released in the U.K.
Games publisher Ubisoft says that We Dare, the "sexy" computer game in which players are encouraged to act out a "flirty striptease", will not be released in the UK. We Dare caused controversy with its advertising campaign, which showed images of couples spanking and stripping in front of the game, and when it was awarded a 12+ certificate.


  1. Notably absent is any man-on-man action. I wonder why.

  2. Thank you, WhiteBearStudios. I've added your observation to the post.


  3. I am not so sure that this actually is a spoof. All of the google results refer to a spoof of the ad rather than saying that the ad itself is a spoof


  4. Apparently you're right, Squibfish. I've amended the post with a new update.


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