12 January 2009

Sleeping giraffes

Last fall we showed you how an emu sits. Today we answer the question of where a giraffe puts its head when it sleeps. In all of the internets I could only find three images of sleeping giraffes, and you have now seen them all. This makes you an expert - very useful if/when you take small children to a zoo...

(Image credits here, here (gr1234), and here).


  1. funny you should post this, as I am a giraffeologist, I studied for 4 long and boring years

  2. hi,
    the photo in the midle is mine, you copied it from flickr without giving credit


  3. For the middle photo, the credit I used in the entry was this -


    Is that not your Flickr photostream?

  4. Yes, that's my photostream. I was just missing my user name (gr1234).

  5. However, this is only during REM (dreaming) sleep, otherwise they stand. It is due to a relative myotonia that occurs during REM sleep, which is present in most mammals. As I love odd facts, thought someone else might want to add this extra tidbit into their repertoire as well.
    If you love this check out what happens to seals when they are asleep at sea...


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