31 January 2009

There are no rattlesnakes in Australia

Earlier this morning I showed a photo of a snake eating a rattlesnake, and suggested that it probably occurred in Australia. Within minutes I received the comment that I've incorporated into the title above.

Aussies were "early adopters" of TYWKIWDBI within weeks of my starting this blog, and are third (after Canada and the U.K.) in visitors here, so I want to be sure not to offend their sensibilities by impugning the benign nature of the country. Thus, a correction here rather than as a hidden footnote at the original post

After a quick internet search, I have to agree that there appear to be no rattlesnakes in Australia. There is, however, a Rattlesnake Island (off the coast of Queensland). I would therefore conclude that there once used to be rattlesnakes in Australia, but that they were killed off by the carnivorous drop bears.


  1. Carnivorous Drop Bears! The demons of Australia! As scary as our jackalopes here in Texas!

  2. Ahhh ... yes. Don't forget Bunyips, though ... ware the Bunyip ...


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