26 January 2009

"Perfect Balance" online puzzle game

The reason I blogged so few items today is that I encountered this challenging and addictive game. The images above are screencaps. The game is at this link (click on the blue "Harmony" button to start the first level).

You are given an assemblage of geometric shapes which you must then balance on a provided base. The puzzles do not have unique, single solutions; any arrangement you can make that balances the pieces will move you to the next level.

The game controls are simple. Click once to "pick up" the object, use the "a" or "d" key to rotate the object while you are holding it, and then click again to set it down.

There are 40 puzzles in the "Harmony" level; when you finish those, there are 40 more in the second "Inferno" level. The puzzles do not necessarily get harder as you move through the sequences. There is no penalty for a collapsing structure - just click reset and try again - and there are no time limitations (I spent hours getting through the 80 puzzles).

If you decide to play, you will almost certainly want to use the index screen to mute the annoying background "music" and the sound effects. Also, be aware that the objects have "weight" proportional to their size, and there is a small amount of "friction" on sloped surfaces. The objects also develop momentum, so don't drop them from a height; there is also a kinetic component in that you can place an object, and, as the structure tilts, place another object to block or counterbalance the first one.

If you're at work when you read this, don't get started on the puzzles. The American economy is already in the dumps; I don't want to be blamed for making it worse.

There are no "tricks." It's all basic, elementary physics.

You may or may not find that reassuring.

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