24 January 2009

The Crown of the Statue of Liberty

The Obama administration wants to reopen the crown on the Statue of Liberty to the public. Access to the island was closed after the attack on September 11 for security reasons. When the island was reopened, access to the crown was not reestablished, in part for security reasons, but also because officials deemed it too risky.

The stairway to the crown consists of 354 steps in what apparently is a narrow stairwell without alternative routes, so officials were concerned that if there were a fire at the base, people at the top would be endangered, as would anyone suffering a heart attack at the top.

A study is now underway re whether and how to reopen the crown access, perhaps to a limited few (presumably random) visitors. In TYWKIWDBI's view, such an event would be a welcome rollback of the ever-increasing nanny state in this country where everything seems to be forbidden for fear that something might go wrong. Tell people the risks, and let them decide for themselves. It also represents a wonderful rollback of the knee-jerk "anti-terror" measures instituted after 9/11, and a sign that perhaps we can return to a more normal lifestyle.

(Top image credit LIFE archives. Bottom image credit lost; probably found on Reddit. Story credit via J-Walk.)


  1. The same issues could be cited as reasons not to allow people to climb to the top of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Which does not mean they should. However, I am glad they haven't banned that climb, and I think they should reopen the Crown.


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