27 January 2009

Supernatural dyslexia? An image of DOG appears...

Several years ago, a Colorado family had to put down their chocolate lab Fletcher; they placed his ashes in the back yard. Recently while getting ready to fire up the backyard grill for a barbecue, they noticed an image on the grill cover (top photo).

The image looks like the head of a dog, and, in fact, remarkably like the profile of Fletcher. The image was created by water dripping down from the patio cover onto the dirt on the grill cover. It's just a coincidence that it looks like a dog.

And the smaller image to the right of the dog - it looks like a fish jumping out of the water. Fletcher used to love to go fly fishing with the family.

There's a video of a local news report at the link. (via J-Walk)


  1. It should be "viewed" backwards?

  2. The play on dyslexia, Doc, is that most people see religious images (GOD) appear on things, in this case it was the image of a DOG vs GOD...

    Reference to Joke.... "an agnostic, dyslexic insomniac lies awake all night wondering if there's a dog." :)

  3. Really an amazing picture... thanks for sharing
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