27 January 2009

The final list of "1000 novels everyone must read"

The Guardian has been running a series of articles about the thousand novels they recommend everyone should read. Obviously a project like this has to be done a little tongue-in-cheek, but their rationale regarding the selection process is here.

The novels have previously been listed in seven categories. Now they have published a single list of the titles (by category, alphabetically by author). By their calculations, if one started at age 8 and read 13 novels a year, one would finish at age 85.

To the best of my memory I've read 8 in their "Comedy" list, 15 of "Family and Self," 19 of "Love," 23 of "State of the Nation" and 23 of "War and Travel," 34 in the "Crime" list, and 37 of the "Science Fiction and Fantasy." (If movies counted, the total would be twice that).

That's 159 down, 840 to go (because I'll never get past the first chapter of "Ulysses.") Based on my age and a 30-year expected lifespan, I'll need to read 28 per year. That's doable. Assuming I don't spend so much time blogging. Or play Civilization III so much. Or get started with "Spore." Decisions, decisions...

1 comment:

  1. Stan, my friend, seriously, you need to upgrade to Civilization IV. It's awesome. That's what I play all the time.


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