29 January 2009

WTF license plates in North Carolina

In June, the Division of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina notified approximately 9,000 drivers that the letter combination on their plates was potentially offensive. The same combination of letters was on the DMV's website on a sample personalized plate.
The "WTF-5505" used on the Web site's sample plate was the first random letter combination available when DMV switched from blue- to red-lettered plates, officials said. DMV spokeswoman Marge Howell received a sample plate WTF-5506 to use as a prop for news stories about the switch.
Officials have offered to replace such license plates for free. The Harper's index for July 2008 indicates that only 92 drivers have asked for replacement plates.

According to the freedictionary, the acronym WTF can stand for...Wednesday Thursday Friday, Women's Track and Field, Williamstown Theatre Festival, World Trade Federation, Wild Turkey Federation, Wireless Telecommunications Facilities, Weekly Top Five, World Tennis Federation, Wisconsin Test Facility, and Watergate Task Force.


  1. Who's The Fairest?

  2. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  3. I remember when this hit the news. It was first brought to the state's attention by an elderly woman whose sixth grade granddaughter pointed out what grandma's new license plate meant.

    Then the state discovered that the WTF was even used on their WEBSITE. It was removed shortly thereafter. Funny story. Shows how we need to stay abreast of the times!

  4. I was irritated when the laser tag place caught onto what my Milfmagnet monicker meant...


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