28 January 2009

Upcoming Queue - a new feature at Neatorama

This past September I wrote an entry about Neatorama as one of my highly recommended blogs. It's worth revisiting the topic now, in part because TYWKIWDBI has so many more visitors, but in particular because Neatorama has a new feature that may be of interest to those who maintain blogs of your own.

The new feature is called "Upcoming Queue." It provides a venue through which anyone can write a blog post in a simple format - either straightforward text with a small thumbnail, or using an embedded YouTube video. You then credit the original source (including any "via") and the entry will be posted in the queue. Neatorama visitors vote submitted material up or down; those rated highest (or those favored by the editorial staff) are moved to the front page of Neatorama. The FAQ are here.

It's easy; I've posted several items from TYWKIWDBI there today. But note you don't even have to have a blog to write something there. If you find an interesting item at an obscure website that others may not notice, or if you write something that others might be interested in, you can just post it at Neatorama and see what the community thinks.

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