27 January 2009

Annular eclipse - different from a total eclipse

Yesterday, a few lucky people saw a "ring of fire." That's a name for the central view of an annular eclipse of the sun by the moon. At the peak of this eclipse, the middle of the sun will appear to be missing and the dark moon will appear to be surrounded by the bright sun...

An annular eclipse occurs instead of a total eclipse when the moon is on the far part of its elliptical orbit around the earth. The next annular eclipse of the sun will take place in 2010 January, although a total solar eclipse will occur this July. Pictured above, a spectacular annular eclipse was photographed behind palm trees on 1992 January.
Image credit to APOD. Found at the always-interesting Uncertain Times.


  1. This statement completely WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You're a very brave person when you state so vehemently that a statement by NASA is wrong.

    Care to elaborate?


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