21 June 2008

"We've destroyed more bridges than a nearsighted dentist!"

In October of 2006, Anne Greer took her father, Charles Gaal, 90, to dentist Dr. Wesley Meyers for implants to secure his dentures.

During the procedure Meyers dropped a medical screwdriver down her father's throat; it took a colonoscopy to have the screwdriver removed from his large intestine.

Then, in May of 2007, despite his daughter's concerns, Gaal returned for implants and Meyers dropped a torque wrench down Gaal's throat.

The 90-year-old was hospitalized for 50 days and died from complications.

Meyers was fined $17,000 and advised not to perform dental implants until he completes more training.

(Title unrelated; I believe it's a quote from an old episode of The Goon Show, if I remember correctly - that was a long time ago...)

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