21 June 2008

"Ditch Day" at Cal Tech

"Ditch Day" at Cal Tech is the day seniors must leave campus and underclassmen, known as "wimps," try to break into their room. Wimps broke into a senior's room and were dissatisfied with the food and liquor that he had left for them. So they disassembled his Porsche and reassembled it in his room.

Another senior returned to find his entire floor covered with a weather balloon filled with water and with no drain valve.

Protection is done by placing a "stack" on the door; the ultimate brute-force stack was by a senior who ran a framework of four-by-four timbers the length of the room bracing the door and windows. He latched the door shut with a vertical post of steel and wood secured by electromagnetically driven pins. The window was covered by a sandwich of plywood steel armor plate, fiberglass insulation and expensive university-owned cabinet doors, which, if they were destroyed, the wimps would have to pay for. If the wimps penetrated the wood and armor plate, glass insulation would foul any drills or saw blades. The wimps got in by drilling through the four-inch concrete ceiling in back of the light fixtures. They artfully scented the room with 10 bags of steer manure.

(source lost)

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