27 June 2008

"A Day in the LIfe" explained

The video embedded above appears to be a companion piece to the one I blogged earlier on "Strawberry Fields Forever." Much of the information, plus a lot more, is available at the Wiki discussion of this song, but there you don't get to hear the music...

notes from Wiki: "Due to the multiple takes required to perfect the orchestral cacophony and the final chord, as well as their considerable procrastination in composing the song, the total duration of time spent recording "A Day in the Life" was 34 hours. In contrast, the Beatles' earliest work, their first album "Please Please Me" was recorded in its entirety in only 10 hours."

"Immediately following the dying moments of the crashing piano chord is a tone too high-pitched for most human ears to hear, but audible to dogs and other animals and most younger listeners. Lennon's alleged intention in inserting the high tone was to irritate the listener's dog..."

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