19 June 2008

Sixth human foot washes ashore

It was only two days ago that I blogged about the discovery of the fifth foot. This one reverts to the original pattern of being a right foot, and is a man's foot encased in a size 10 black Adidas running shoe. This one was found several hundred kilometers further north, on Vancouver Island. This Canadian News link is probably the best one for summarizing the data, and indicates that the RCMP has a caseload of 2,300 missing persons to sort through.

I don't plan to post any further items on this subject, even if dozens more feet are discovered. It has already reached the mainstream media and certainly is no longer "TYWKIWDBI" in character.

update June 25: "The sixth "foot", which was discovered June 18, 2008 on Tyee Spit near Campbell River on Vancouver Island, was a hoax. The hoax was a "skeletonized animal paw" was put in a sock and shoe and then stuffed with dried seaweed. The hoax has been called "senseless and thoughtless", "despicable", and "reprehensible". Police have begun an investigation into the hoax, and an arrest could result in charges of public mischief." From the new Wiki entry now devoted to this subject.

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