25 June 2008

Watch out for the Lunchbox Police

"Parents cleaning out their child's lunchbox at the end of the school day could be in for a nasty surprise — a scolding note from teacher alongside the half-eaten sandwiches and empty crisp packets.

The School Food Trust wants teachers to send out warning letters to parents who fail to comply with school healthy-eating policies. And in advice that could be seen as patronising, the government-funded body suggests further that they send congratulatory letters to those who pack healthy lunches for their children...

In guidance sent as an example to head teachers and governors, the trust lists the foods pupils should not take to school: crisps, chocolate bars, chocolate-coated biscuits and sweets...

If a child regularly brings a packed lunch that does not conform to the policy, then the school will contact the parents to discuss this...”
From the Times (U.K.) via Arbroath. And note that it's not just obesity that the British government is battling against with this policy:
“If urgent action is not taken, the Government risks losing this key opportunity to fight obesity and climate change by changing young people's eating habits..."

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