27 June 2008

Robbing trucks while they are moving

"A gang of thieves have been arrested after staging a series of daring "action film" break-ins on lorries while they travelled at up to 60mph on the German autobahn.

Two vehicles from the gang, who were all Romanian, approached the target lorry with their headlights off. With the lorry driver unaware of their presence, one car took up position blocking off lanes to other traffic.

The other vehicle sped to the rear bumper of the lorry, where a gang member climbed out onto its bonnet. Wielding a pair of bolt cutters, police said, he sliced through padlocks, forced open the truck's rear door and clambered inside.

Once there, the robber passed back boxes containing laptops and electronic equipment to an accomplice also balancing on the bonnet of the gang's car..."

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