25 June 2008

If I want to travel to Australia...

...Google maps says that it will be a little under 10,000 miles, and that it will take me... 41 days, 22 hours!

Apparently that's because of step 24.... (Click to enlarge to see why it takes so long.) (Credit for idea to Reddit)


  1. LOL!! Of course, step 24: a sensible choice on the part of google ...
    Well, Stan, when you get here be sure to drop by our farm and say g'day to Tess an' me. We'll provide some nice salve for the blisters you'd have gotten paddling. And we'd offer you a nice cup of tea, of course (or something more fortifying).

  2. The "more fortifying" part sounds good - but it won't be anytime soon.

    best wishes,


  3. Awww shucks, Tess will be most disappointed ...
    'T was a nice thought, though!
    (We'll save the fortification for some future date then? Depending on availability of canoes?)
    But anyway ... Thanks for your wonderful, interesting and inspiring blog, Stan.

  4. lol...i came across this and had to test it out. it actually does tell you that. it also adds a bunch more ateps that are completely out of the way. it took me to hawaii then japan. awesome!!


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