17 June 2008

Another foot has washed ashore in Canada

Long-time TYWKIWDBI readers will remember the post back in February reporting that human feet were washing ashore in Vancouver - three of them, all right feet. In May I noted that a fourth foot had been found - also a sneaker-wearing right foot.

Today the BBC is reporting that a fifth human foot has washed ashore. For some inexplicable reason I find it comforting to note that this was a left foot - as though some kind of cosmic balance is being restored.

1 comment:

  1. The article notes "Police and coroners are trying to identify the foot and discover if it is linked to the others found in the area"
    Hmm. Would that suggest the feet come from some humanoid creature with four left feet and one right one, most of them with sneakers on?
    Intriguing beast.
    I wait with bated breath for some resolution to this conundrum, anyway. Thanks for the post, Stan.
    Ciao, Mieke


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