22 June 2008

Name that animal - round 7

This cute little fellow is not wearing stockings, and the image has not been 'shopped. Have a go.

(answer/followup here)


  1. Right you are, ayshela. I'll post a followup note later this week.

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  3. Wow, that's really cool! I was going to say Donkbra, But Zedonk is good too. Apparently, when you cross animals together they name the offspring with the mothers first half of her name and the second half the second half of the fathers name. (or maybe it's the other way round?)
    So if you cross a lion and a cat, you get Caion, if the mother is a cat, or a Liat if the dad is a cat.
    Cool, huh?

  4. My daughter just saw this little guy at our so called "Wild Animal Safari" this weeken....and this morning, she tells me..."mommy, I want to be a zebra donkey for halloween!" Guess what I'm sewing right now? lol....got the tail, now just workin on ears and hand/foot coverings!

  5. Adriana (portugal)October 19, 2009 at 2:25 PM

    Drinzek :3
    Cute name, huh ? xD

  6. If you email (to the address in the sidebar) a photo of her in the costume, I'll post it under the picture of the zedonk.

  7. it's a Zebronkey- half zebra, half donkey.


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