30 June 2008

A flash game that calculates your "brain age"

It doesn't embed, so to play the game you need to click on THIS LINK.

The game will flash a sequence of numbers on the screen - very briefly. Then the numbers are replaced with circles. You then click the circles in the same sequence as the numbers. It appears to be a test of short-term memory. I supposedly have a "brain age" of 23.

Update: Redone Oct 2009 - brain age 20.
Update: Redone Aug 2010 - brain age 20.


  1. Haha, my 27 year old brain pulled off a 22 score. :)

    I did much better once I figured it out. I didn't quite catch on with your description. The numbers show up and you must click the circles that represent the numbers in numerical order. 0,1,2,4,7... etc.

  2. Mine said "120". Is that good? I didn't really understand it, as i9 can't read or speak Chinese. (or Japanese? I have no clue!)

  3. Tess, usually the younger brain has the better memory. On the bright side, your brain would be about the same age as Bilbo Baggins, who celebrated his "eleventy-first" (111st) birthday in Lord of the Rings.

  4. I missed twice and the final outcome? My score was my actualy age! Sweet! And cool for being Japanese.

  5. I am Ali from Iran
    My score was 20
    my age is 25

  6. I got 32...my actual age is 26, so my thinking level is 6 yrs mature?

    1. it is better to get a lower brain age score. it means you are using more of your brain.


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