17 April 2013

Hyperdontia? Or extreme crowding?

Supernumerary Teeth has more details, via The Soul is Bone.  A counterargument - that the image depicts just severe crowding - is discussed in the Comments.


  1. I'm confused by that picture. How is it hyperdontia? It looks like the correct number of teeth with the second incisors and first premolars displaced.

  2. Yup, Lady Arite, you're right...that's not hyperdontia, that's just severe crowding.

    This is hyperdontia http://dc169.4shared.com/doc/ExZgGnlw/preview_html_m6154f5be.png (I didn't post the AMAZING example where the top palate is nearly covered with teeth, because it's not typical)

  3. "counter-argument"?? Count the teeth in that image. There's no need to counter-argue when there is no argument to be had...there's lingual displacement of the second incisors and first premolars. Unless some teeth have already been pulled (although no evidence for that), there isn't hyperdontia or supernumary teeth there at all.

  4. it is crowding, not extra teeth. the laterals are directly behind the centrals. the next teeth to the right and left are the primary canines (baby teeth). distalize the canines to make room for the laterals. and obviously extract the primary teeth, unless they are ankylosed.


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