04 July 2020

Thomas Jefferson's sixth great-grandson

Some relevant comments at DamnThat'sInteresting.  More about Shannon LaNier and the creation of the portrait at Smithsonian (with interesting video), via BoingBoing.


  1. From an interview Shannon LaNier did on CW39 (Houston, Feb 18, 2019):

    "Both sides of the Jefferson family came together at Monticello in 1999 for the first time since slavery. And since then, the majority of us have gone on to accept and appreciate each other as one family.

    I’m now an unofficial Jefferson-Hemings spokesperson and have become an advocate for functional families and fathers. I’ve even appeared in an Ancestory.com commercial!

    My hope is [that] if my Jefferson-Hemings family can reconcile after years of slavery, separation and several difference maybe our country can to."

  2. Is it my imagination, or is there an actual family resemblance there?

    1. I think the resemblance is intentional by the photographer. By using a similar shirt, similar pose, same lighting and background they push us towards that conclusion.
      Not to say there isn't any resemblance. I just think it's hard to judge here.

  3. the smithsonian web magazine loads so many ads and videos and other things that it is unreadable. i am sure that article is interesting, but tma;dr.



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