08 July 2020

Pray for the President. Psalm 109, verse 8.

The man who retweeted this:

- and added this to public discourse:

We really should pray for him:


  1. it's because: 1. he gets off by insulting people who can do nothing about it. 2. they do nothing because he positions himself to deny them access to their goal and uses it as leverage. 3. he denies access to anything he can. It's the inverse of a facilitator.

  2. Our country lucked in with our choice of political party and especially our Prime Minister. Her intelligence and common sense looked after stuff with our Christchurch shooting, and took us clear of Covid-19 (although lower tier civil servants let some British people roam free since, which led to a small outbreak of CoronaMarona so now we're all scared again)
    I wonder if Trumpy got in only because the American voting public didn't want another shady Clinton, or perhaps more likely, didn't want a woman as president.
    Obviously I have scant knowledge about American politics, especially the ones in the United States part of America, but it seems to me you had the perfect panacea in Bernie Sanders, although at 70 something he may only have had enough time to make your fine country be a little bit like mine, where my heart bypass operation cost me zilch and the government paid me a living wage for three months while I recuperated ... why would you people not want such a health system ?
    This Joe Biden feller, he seems very quiet and a bit of a non entity, not sure that will be enough to topple an orange, narcissistic, blow hard clown.

    1. Sanders' policies appeal to a broad spectrum of the American people, but he is a self-avowed "socialist", and the American people equate socialism with communism. The business community and wealthy Americans would not have supported him. Biden became a compromise choice for the Democratic party, but is suspect in terms of his age and mental capacity. His choice of a vice-president will be very important, not just to appeal to "swing" voters, but also potentially to help run the country.

  3. That's a clever bumper sticker, but I'm more amused that an ad for orange chicken showed up on a thread about Trump.

  4. Whatever Biden's faults, and as a human he obviously will have some, there's no getting around the following; he is experienced in the executive branch of politics, conscious of the dignity due the office, well-spoken, and understands that even as President, he would not be above the law. In other words... Biden on his worst day is still better by far than Trump at his best. The comparison is apples to oranges, pun intended.

  5. Trump looked directly at the sun during an eclipse.

  6. I've often recommended Psalm 109 (as an atheist, I have, of course, know the Bible) -- if you start about about line seven, there are a good dozen more lines following that work very well for Trump.

  7. Trump emits a continual stream of unintelligible gibberish, and promises everything to everyone. This means that anyone inclined to support him (thanks to Fox News, Breitbart etc) can hear only what they want to hear, and see only what they want to see.


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