24 July 2020

AOC responds publicly to a Congressman calling her "a fucking bitch"

There are a number of edited versions of this 10-minute speech, many of which beep out the expletives.  I've elected to go with this version which retains the power of the words.

I continue to be impressed by this young woman's coolheadedness and sense of purpose.  She begins her talk by affirming that based on her prior job experience as a bartender in NYC, she was not personally shocked to hear those words.  She then goes on to explain how the incident epitomizes the way men in power use language to abuse and degrade women.  It's a powerful presentation.

Some excerpts and commentary at The New Yorker.


  1. She is a powerhouse. I'm entirely unsure if she is reading from a prepared statement. Her phrasing is so smooth it almost sounds unscripted. We need many many more young kids with this kind of passion.

    1. That was my first thought exactly, because I spent 20+ years lecturing from behind podiums with notes and without. It appears to me she consults a document (probably a list of keywords) in the first couple minutes, then switches to a free-flowing, from-the-heart commentary thereafter.

      I'll bet money that she will be one of the keynote speakers for the upcoming Democratic national convention.

    2. I doubt it. She's part of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party and Democratic leadership has nothing but disdain for them.

    3. You're correct. I phrased my opinion awkwardly - shouldn't have used the word "keynote" which applies only to one person. But I do think she will be one of the invited speakers for the online convention.

  2. I've recently been a bit harsh with my words about Americans and their general intelligence, but I apologise for that as I was wrong, and my opinion has been altered by the one you all call AOC.
    I want to move to the USA just to be able to vote her in for president in a few years, she would truly make America great again.
    And like her brain and her personality, her name is beautiful too, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .... you won't find a more truly American name than that !


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