09 July 2020



  1. So-called 'pro-lifers' infuriate me for a variety of reasons, but this is the main one. If you're anti-abortion, but you don't support universal health care, universal housing, universal basic income... if you don't support the ways to ensure a decent quality of life for every person? Well, you aren't pro-life at all. You're only pro-birth, and that is a very different kettle of fish.

  2. Well played! Indeed, I fear that us conservatives often care more about those we can do little to save...than those we could greatly help. I voted for Trump (probably will again), but I am so glad that he didn't get to be (so far) a war-time president. If he has run with footmen, and they have wearied him, how shall he contend with horses?

    1. How can you possibly be a conservative when you know how hypocritical their beliefs are, and say so. How can you possibly vote for Trump when you know what crimes, treason, and evil he has committed? You know what they say about a foolish consistency and the hobgoblin, right?

    2. Quote: " I voted for Trump (probably will again),"

      Lefty European here.
      Can you please explain this in a lot more detail.
      I simply don't understand what makes him presidential material.
      My first reactions/feelings to a statement like this are confusion, anger, disappointment and it makes me question you as a person.
      But that's perhaps unfair and a consequence of me "being stuck" in my lefty bubble.

  3. Agreed. I'm a left wing British / European. Trump just seems categorically awful and I dont understand how anyone with an ounce of reason could vote for him? (Yes I know I live in the country that elected Boris Johnson...)


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