01 July 2020

Shame on her

Via facepalm.


  1. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You really want to go there, lady? Go ahead; throw out everything you own that was made in China. I'm betting you'll have less than 10% of your stuff left at the end.

    Oh, sorry. You didn't actually intend to do that. You just wanted to be racist and nationalist, aka stupid. My mistake.

  2. China certainly failed initially and covered it up, but that's not the reason why the US is handing the virus so poorly. At this stage of the game, it's all on us.

    That said, it's hard to hit her for hypocrisy for posting from an iPhone. First, is it fair to expect her to immediately go out and buy a new phone? Second, can one actually buy a device to post to Twitter that isn't of at least 50% Chinese origin?

  3. Foxcon is a tiawanese company with plants located in PRC and many other countries. THe apple phones are built in 9 PRC plants but Foxconn says they could shift it to Brazil etc... if tarrifs become a problem. But Foxcon is a dodgy company who accpeted large tax breaks in the US to build a plant then did not. So who knows. Apple of course is an Irish company with most of it's jobs in the US. But the bottom line here is that Foxcon/apple is at the lower end of the made-in-china spectrum since it's not headquartered there.


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