17 July 2020

The ONLY time this has EVER happened in the history of baseball

July 17, 1990.  Twins at Red Sox.  Two triple plays.

In the history of major league baseball, 134,000 games had been played - none of which involved two triple plays.  In the subsequent 30+ years there have been approximately another 67,000 games - still without a repeat of this feat.

FWIW, the Twins lost the game 1-0......


  1. A record that will never be broken…

  2. I didn't know this. Thanks for posting. I was in elementary school when they won the world series and got my toes run over by Kirby Pucket's convertible when it drove past. Great memories. BTW, several sites reported there have been over 200k major league games played. Do you mean a particular Division? 134K seems low. (Sorry to fact check, but that number just seemed low)

    1. Methinks you missed the verb "had." 134K before this happened, plus 67K since = 201K, consistent with your research.


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