22 July 2020


Bat embryo, via.

6 days now without a Trump- or coroavirus- post.  The urge is worse than quitting smoking, but I'll try for one more day.


  1. I went out with an American girl, back in 1972, she was a bright spark.
    But times move on and now I am almost convinced that the average American is as stupid as a cucumber, your good self and some of your commenters excluded of course.
    This belief is forced upon me by your president's words and actions (as reported on as many web sites as I can find) and the fact that no one has done much about removing him from office and putting the reins in the hands of someone capable.
    Surely in a country that has touted itself as 'world leader' it should be feasible that there is a safety valve for when the president is an idiot.
    "Grab them by the pussy' and the mocking of a handicapped journalist, et al aside, the fact that there are now 4 million people infected with Corona virus in the USA (as reported in this morning's New Zealand Herald) surely implies that your country is out of control.
    4 million, that's 80% of the population of my country, and while that's comparing apples and oranges, it still is a heck of a lot of people.
    Line them up socially distanced apart (which was 2 metres here in NZ back when we still had Corona virus) and they would stretch from New York to San Francisco .... and back !
    Shoulder to shoulder they would form a wall (ha) from Minneapolis to Orlando, Florida.
    All coughing and having problems breathing.
    The fact that the people of the USA are so proud of their civil war and yet haven't started another one begs the question why.
    With your health system corrupted, a lot of your police forces using undue force, your unfair electoral system, your allowing of lobbying of law makers by rich companies with their own agendas, your judicial system racking up the highest score in people in prisons and a 4 year old clown for president, it seems to me that you are ripe for a civil war.
    That sounds seditious, but maybe someone needs to step up and make a change.


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