02 July 2020

$1 BILLION amphetamine drug bust

Those bins are full of the pills, which were produced by ISIS and seized in Italy.  Video at CNN shows the train of those carts, which weighed 15 U.S. tons.


  1. your link to CNN is the wrong one

  2. The CNN link seems to be broken.

  3. Fixed. Thanks to all. This was a busy morning for me and I was blogging too fast.

  4. 14 Tonnes x 2200 = 30,800 lbs x 16 = 492,800 ozs ÷ 84,000,000 = 0.00586 oz (0.166 Gm).
    $1,120,000,000 ÷ 84,000,000 = $13.33 per pill. Must be good shit

  5. Minnesotastan gets ticketed for blogging too fast, lol.

    This is the same drug that the German Blitzkrieg troops used during the second world war ? The drugs they took kept them awake, not feeling much pain when hurt and took away most, if not all, of their compassion.

    I am not a deep thinker, prefer the shallower waters where I am safe, but I do wonder that if everywhere made illegal drugs legal, gangs and the social problems that partially cause gangs, might disperse some.
    Legal recreational drugs would also somewhat alleviate the poverty inherent in a society wherein a member of a family does not have to find $100 a day to buy a shot of their addiction, leaving more money for food perhaps.
    I am sure there are reasons against such an idea, just don't know what they are .... he said from the damp high tide mark.

  6. Fenethyline, the substance found, was not used by the German Wehrmacht, it was first synthesized in 196. It was sold a prescription drug, supposedly a mild alternative to amphetamines (such as Pervitin, aka methamphetamine, which was issued to the German army in WWII.
    Although touted as ISIS drug, fenethylline is a very popular stimulant in large parts of the Middle East (e.g. it's the most popular drug in Saudi Arabia). Most is produced in Syria.


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