10 July 2020

The politics of Calvin

As I was saving and blogging (here and here) my favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons, I noticed a group of them that resonated because of Trump-like comments.  Bill Watterson, the cartoonist, majored in political science, but he created these comics long before the Trump era began and likely had Calvin voicing the attitudes of an immature child, not a politician.

While searching today for Calvin+politics, I was not surprised to discover that I am not the first person to notice the resemblance.  It turns out there is an entire DonaldandHobbes subreddit, with cartoons modified to highlight the similarities.  Herewith some samples, several via HuffPost.

Some of these have had the dialogue modified while retaining the basic tenet.


  1. Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug" strip has riffed on this more than a few times as well:


  2. The only problem I have with this is often Calvin is a much more eloquent speaker than Trump is.

  3. Calvin, if I recall, is supposed to be something around 6 years old. I think that's giving Trump more credit for emotional intelligence than he's due, honestly. And Calvin is, by far, the more eloquent speaker.


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