18 July 2020

Eagle Scout project completed

The project, led by my nephew in Minnesota, was to lead his troop in the building of five planter boxes for a local horse riding camp that caters to people with disabilities.  Well done, Paul.


  1. It was sweet of you to post this. Paul is fortunate to have you as an uncle.

  2. Replies
    1. Hmmm. Good question. Maybe the fifth one exists in a different space-time continuum. I'll ask Paul's mom.

    2. Paul constructed the first planter box a month earlier in order to figure out the design.  Each of the four teams carried their own planter box over for the group photo but nobody grabbed the prototype. Maybe we could use a black sharpie to draw one onto the photo?

  3. Congrats to your nephew for forging ahead on the ‘Trail to Eagle.’ By sheer coincidence my son completed the first phase of his project today, so we were masked as well, even with a good amount of Florida heat. His project involves installing a new shelf at a local food pantry and refurbishing their existing ones. As a felloyw Eagle Scout, I’m always eager to read about the types of projects that others have completed, knowing it’s not so much the actual work sometimes but the leadership experience these young men are gaining. To be able to give back to our communities, especially in these times of uncertainty, is highly commendable. And a ray of hope for our future.


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