20 July 2020


I quite understand that many websites and blogs rely on advertising revenue for their existence, and I presume that it's not always possible for the host to retain control over what ads are embedded at their site.  And I hope that no person with an I.Q. of double digits or higher would click on these links.

But... I'm offended that this kind of clickbait crap (I can't think of a better word) is allowed to exist and is promulgated by host websites.

These examples found at BoingBoing.


  1. BoingBoing is absurdly hypocritical and has been for years. Boo to them!

  2. Of the content aggregators that I visit regularly, Boing Boing is the one most likely to have an ad that is scammy or just plain broken in such a way that it makes the site unusable. Add in that half the "content" is ads for junk in their store and it leaves me teetering on the edge of no longer bothering to look at the site.
    This has been especially true since Cory Doctorow left.
    And of course even worse then boing boing are all the websites that have one paragraph of content in an "article" that leads to an endless Scroll of clickbait headline pictures trying to get you to waste time on stuff that isn't even there "doctors want you to quit eating this vegetable", "this Starlet reveals too much in new photos"

    1. I sometimes wonder about that vegetable...

    2. For me it's the Starlet .... always had a thing for Toyotas.

    3. YUM !!


      Local corn here has had tassels for a week or more. Expect to have fresh sweet corn sometime this week.

  3. Perhaps the strategy is to create an add so stupid that you can't look away.

    I didn't know that Doctorow had left BoingBoing. He once gave my library a free copy of one of his novels, which was nice of him.

  4. BoingBoing has really gone downhill. The number of shill and duplicate posts are just out of hand and most of the time the page is just a mess unless I'm running some sort of adblock.

  5. Replies
    1. Not on my computer or page opening via Feedly or Facebook's browsers...


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