28 May 2013


See if you can guess the identity of this famous actress.

Her grandparents were Welsh, Swedish, and Scottish.  She was born in Montana and was named after a whistle stop in Nebraska.
[Her] silent film roles were mainly those of vamps or femme fatales, and she frequently portrayed characters of Asian or Eurasian background in films... which she later recalled "...kind of solidified my exotic non-American image."  It took years for her to overcome this stereotype, and as late as 1932 she was cast as a villainous Eurasian half-breed... She also played a sadistic Chinese princess in The Mask of Fu Manchu...
I leave a final, decisive clue...

Perhaps if she were carrying Asta...
Photo credit Vintage Photography.


  1. Wow! She could have shown those goth girls a thing or two!

  2. I saw her in one of her earlier films, an exotic murderess... long before she became the ideal wife.

  3. Ha! You're right - the last clue was the giveaway .... gorgeous!

  4. Yeah! I guessed it! It was the eyes. Unique.

  5. Whoa. I can't say that I consciously recognized her, but the correct name popped into my head the instant I saw the picture, before I even knew you were asking for it. She clearly made quite an impression on my subconscious!

  6. That is by far the most beautiful face I've ever seen from that era.

  7. That's the version of Myrna Loy that's like The Shipping News' version of Cate Blanchett.


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