10 May 2013

"Tweet pee, pour les parents geek"

Via Curiosités de Titam.


  1. Why is your headline in French when the language spoken is Portuguese?

    OH and the background score is a total ripoff of:

    Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official video


    1. So it is a ripoff of a ripoff: Gotye ripoff the brazilian musician Luiz Bonfá


  2. Minnesotastan only copied my title, therefore it's in french.
    By the way, not all the acoustic guitars sounds are Gotye's rip-off.

  3. The tweet pee really is a sleight-of-hand trick.

    On the surface, this app looks helpful, doesn't it?

    "Wow, I will instantly know when the baby is wet and I will get a reminder to stock up on product. Thanks tweet pee!"

    Below the surface, this parent has allowed marketers, AND other interested parties, to know:
    - there is a baby in the home and its approximate age within months;
    - may be one or two parents/caregivers in the home;
    - the age, interests, sexual orientation, location of work, location of home, location of oft visited places in real life and on the net, email address(es)and topics of conversation, twitter account(s) and topics of conversation, shopping habits, purchases made using phone, income, all by information obtained via the celphone.

    Now, the caregiver's information can be data mined, utilized in various ways and sold by marketers to marketers.

    Some might argue that these practices have been going on for quite some time, and that privacy no longer exists; which is absolutely true. Another related argument is if one has nothing to hide, then what's the fuss?

    That's where the "other interested parties" come in.

    Should society remain as it currently does, then all would be well, I suppose.
    But we all know that society's pendulum swings....

    One year, you are on your way to synagogue in Hamburg, and by the next year, you are on your way to the camps.

    One year, you dabble in a new and interesting philosophy, the next, you are on the McCarthy blacklist, with career and personal reputation in tatters.

    In 1991, you are living in harmony with your neighbour in Sarajevo, and by 1992, you are turning him in to authorities:

    What and who is innocent and law abiding today, is outlawed and deemed as terrorism and terroists tomorrow.

    And guess what? We have willingly and happily given the "other interested parties" the magnifying glasses and microscopes to peer into the very depths of our lives, to examine our children, our lovers, our conversations and our beliefs and thoughts.

    So WHEN the roundups begin, it will happen with extreme rapidity.

    Just like the like the sleight-of-hand.


    Oh, btw, here are some of the principals tweet pee, I mean, sleight-of-hand utilizes:

    Switch - To secretly exchange one object for another.
    Steal - To secretly obtain a needed object.
    Load - To secretly move an object to where it is needed.
    Simulation - To give the impression that something has happened that has not.
    Misdirection - To lead attention away from a secret move.


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