03 May 2013

Crystal Gayle - Don't it Make my Brown Eyes Blue

"I'll be fine when you're gone... I'll just cry all night long."

Reposted to add news about...
...a new procedure that can actually convert brown-colored eyes to blue in just a matter of weeks.

The operation itself is fairly straight forward: Using a laser tuned to a special frequency, the doctor actually alters the cells that produce the brown coloration in the eye. After a few weeks, the darker color begins to fade, revealing the blue pigment underneath. As the doctor explains it, the procedure only works for brown-eyed individuals, as they already have a bluish coloration hiding underneath.
Note: "...the procedure takes just 20 seconds to complete... He estimates the procedures will cost about $5,000 each..."

(The genetics of brown/blue eyes is discussed at Reddit.)

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